1. Supply oil and industrial companies and Engineering colleges with all types of N.D.T system and laboratories like x-ray, gamma ray, ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness, etc. from different manufactures around the world.

  2. Execution and supply different ministries under UN Memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) regulation like Trade, Commission of Electricity, Industry, Agriculture and oil Ministries with different goods, equipments, and machines .

  3. Supply different companies with high quality furniture from international companies.

  4. Supply of different heavy and light vehicle like (tankers, ambulance, minibus, sky lift, etc to different Iraqi companies.

  5. Supply of generator set and transformer and pillars for Electricity Commission and Ministry of Agriculture.

  6. Supply of complete production lines for different government and private industrial companies.

  7. Supply a large number of machines, equipments, and material of welding field to private and governmental companies.