Civil Projects in Civil Engineering field:  
  1. Roads surfacing and paving side walks, surface, and sewage networks for different districts in Basrah, sub-officers district, ports, district, and south oil project district.

  2. Execution and paving the roads of railway station in Basrah-Maaqal.

  3. Execution and paving the roads of Al-Zubair in Basrah.

  4. Digging of five million cubic meters for Um Al-Maarek irrigation project for  Ministry of Irrigation.

  5. Execution the project of Industrial water, heavy water, fire Extinguisher, water nets for Hitten Co.

  6. Rehabilitation of 15 schools in Baghdad.

  7. Buildings of 10 houses for the Ministry of Irrigation in Salahdeen .

  8. Buildings of concrete foundations for Al-Alam water projects in Salahdeen.

  9. Execution of storage buildings for seeds State Co.

  10. Execution of different buildings for Al-FAW Co.

  11. Execution of different air condition systems for Al-FAW, Geology survey, engineering consulting and designing companies.

  12. Execution of central storage and different buildings for Al-FAW Co.