Dear Sir,

We are pleased to send you our best regards and introduce to you the activities of our engineering and trading companies

hopping for continuous and fruitful co-operation between us.

The activities are:

  1.  Supply and installation of Oxygen plants (Cryogenic, psa).

  2.  Supply of several kinds of ambulances, cars, buses, minibuses, fork lifts, cranes, corpses transporting cars and motorcycles and all types of automobiles.    

  3.  Erection of hospitals and health centers and furnishing them.

  4.  Supply of all kinds of medical appliances such as x-ray, ultrasound equipments. CT scan, MRI and all other laboratory and medical appliances.        

  5.  Supplying all kinds of computers as well as university, laboratory, and bureau furniture and various kinds of teaching materials

  6.  Supply of all equipments, instruments and materials for engineering   inspection 

  7.  (NTD) such as X-Ray systems, Gamma Ray systems , X-Ray Films, Thickness gauges, Ultrasonic fault –finding equipments, Dye penetrate and various kinds of medicals and laboratorial equipments together with all medical equipments.  

  8.  Supply and installation of chillers and all air conditioning unit as well as cooling and refrigerating rooms and storehouses and the spare parts of them. 

  9.  8. Supplying of automation cars and heavy vehicles (tractors, trucks and all types of cranes, fork lifts, shovels and excavators…etc)  

  10.  Supply and installation of various kinds of production lines and supplying all kinds of operating machines

  11.  Supply and installation of water treatment unit (R.O)

  12.  Supply and installation of all water and air disinfection units by ultra violet rays (Uv-light)

  13.  Installation and erection of all types of storing houses.

  14.  Supply of disposable as well as supply of production lines of disposable tools

  15.  Implementation and supply of the industrial, oil and communications projects as well as projects of desalination and treatment of drinking water and industrial water.   

  16.  Supply of all equipment and material used in the railway stations and transport lines (railway, control equipments, lighting, communication, carriages and locomotives…etc) 16.Supply and installation of thermal and gas turbine electrical power stations and generators of various kinds and capacities. 

  17.  Supply of all constructional equipments as well as asphalt plants and the spare parts thereof.

  18.  Designing and manufacturing heat exchangers, steam boilers, pressure vessels furnaces,  treatment furnaces, storage tanks and tankers

  19.  Supplying pipes and their accessories as well as valves, plates, coils and iron sections together with the supply of all cutting and welding machines, equipments and materials.

  20.  Supplying all foodstuff and grains as well as the machinery and equipments related to the activities of the Ministry Of Trade.

       In additional to above, we have good relations and agencies with several well known international companies which are of reliable European origin as well as some (American, Japanese ,Korean , Russian and Turkish companies).

Thank you very much in advance and we are looking forward for a mutual cooperation between us. 

                                                       Respectfully yours,